ICCE-27 Keynotes



    Opening Keynote speaker on State of Research at University of Granada
    Juan Chiachio Ruano (U. Granada, Spain)

    Advances in Mechanics of Composite Materials
    Manuel Chiachio Ruano (U. Granada, Spain)

    Computational investigation of the Interfacial Zone of Polymer Nanocomposites
    Jack F. Douglas (NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland)

    Fabrication and Applications of Nanomaterials Filled Multifunctional Nanocomposites
    Son Hyung Hong (Korea Adv. Inst Sci Tech, KAIST, S. Korea)

    Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials Based Bio- and Chemical Sensors
    Ashok Mulchandani (UC Riverside, Calif)

    New Statistical Tools For The Study The Degradation And Life Time In New Biomaterials  
    Salvador Naya Fernández (Univ. Coruna, Spain)

    Recent Trends of Interfacial and Damage Sensing of CFRP Composites by 2D and 3D Mappings and Pencil Lead
    Drawn Paper Sensor (PLDPS)    Joung-Man Park (Gyeongsang Nat. U., S. Korea)

    Graphene-based Nanocomposite Materials for Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis, Water Treatment and Solar Water Desalination    
    M. Samy El-Shall (Virginia Comm. Univ., Richmond)

    Substrate Effects On Silicene And How To Exploit Them
    Udo Schwingenschlogl (KAUST, Thuwal, S. Arabia)

    3D Printing of Fiber Reinforced Composite
    Meng-Jen TAN (Nanyang T.U., Singapore)

    Development of Biodegradable And Edible Starch-Based Composites
    Long Yu  (South China U.T., China)  keynote

    Semiconductor And Heterostructure Materials For Advanced Energy Applications 
    Bin Zhu (CUG, Wuhan, China)