SCI Journals

    ICCE Participants are encouraged to expand the two-page short paper, to become full-length paper and then submit to any of the following journals
    SCI journals
    1.  Nanotechnology Reviews journal, editor in chief, David Hui, published by deGruyter.
                  Impact factor 2.759,  open access fee 1000 euro
    2.  Applied Composite Materials
    3.  Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
    4.  ASCE Journal of Aerospace Engineering
    5.  Computational Materials Science
    6.  Composites part B: Engineering
    7.  FAMENA journal
    8.  International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
    9.  International Journal of Nanotechnology
    10. Journal of Aerospace Engineering
    11. Journal of Environmental Research
    12. Journal of Mining and Metallurgy: section B-Metallurgy
    13. Materials and Design journal
    14. Sains Malaysiana
    15. Science and Engineering of Composite Materials, published by deGruyter
    16..Technical Gazette
    17. Textile Research Journal
    non-SCI journals
    Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials, published by deGruyter
    Non-linear engineering journal, published by deGruyter
    Reviews on Advanced Materials Science, published by deGruyter
    Composites and Nanostructures
    Composites Theory and Practice
    Journal of Vibroengineering
    Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures
    World Journal of Engineering