Registration starts at 6:00pm, right at the reception area and the reception will start at 7:30pm-9:30pm, right at the garden of ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE INGENIERIA DE EDIFICATION, next to main entrance of the main campus.  The street is called Severo Ochoa, the side of Hotel Centre.
    Monday: The keynotes will be in the Auditorium, Floor -2.  Registration table will be allocated at the entrance of the auditorium.
    Tuesday to Friday: Parallel sessions will be carried out in Floor 1.


    HOT TOPICS: Bio-medicine, Bio-Nano, Energy-Nano, Energy Storage & Conversion, Carbon Sci.Tech.,3-D printing, materials under Harsh Environments, Green materials, Hybrid & Multifunctional Materials, many others

    TRADITIONAL TOPICS: all areas of materials science, all areas of Mechanics and Physics of Solids & Structures, manufacturing, mathematical modeling, infrastructures composites, oxides, physics, chemistry, biology of composites, computational materials, smart materials & sensors, the above is only a few out of many others not listed here.

    Submit tentative paper title immediately to Professor David Hui
    Followed by two-page short paper, each page two columns format, with graphs to show results.