VENUE: Hotel Sheraton Parco De` Medici

    Plenary session of July 17, all parallel sessions (July 18-21), welcome party (July 16) and banquet (July 21) will be held in this hotel.

    Please provide to the reservation of rooms by yourself using the direct link of the hotel:

    After booking, email to D. Hui, your Sheraton reservation number, and your check-in check-out dates

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    Bio-inspired Nano Composites, special issue of Composite B journal (Elsevier impact factor 4.727)
    Energy Nano Composites, special issue of Composite B journal (Elsevier impact factor 4.727)
    Lightweight Engineering Composite Structures, special issue of Composite B journal (Elsevier impact factor 4.727)
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    25 Ultimate Things to do in Rome, Italy 

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    Many people consider Italy as the most romantic or touristic country in the world as evidenced by having over 51 (this number is the largest in the world, and is increasing) United Nations Heritage Sites.

    Please read "List of World Heritage Sites in Italy”
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    HOT TOPICS: Bio-medicine, Bio-Nano, Energy-Nano, Energy Storage & Conversion, Carbon Sci.Tech.,3-D printing,.materials under Harsh Environments, Green materials, .Hybrid & Multifunctional Materials, many others

    TRADITIONAL TOPICS: all areas of materials science, all areas of Mechanics and Physics of Solids & Structures, manufacturing, mathematical modeling, infrastructures composites, oxides, physics, chemistry, biology of composites, computational materials, smart materials & sensors, the above is only a few out of many others not listed here. Regular issues of Composites B Journal Prof. (Elsevier)

    Submit tentative paper title immediately to Professor David Hui
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